Société Bioénergies Côte d'Ivoire




All biomass produced for export is certified, and is according to EN technical standards.



SBIOCI has a production capacity of 125.000 Metric Tons annually, using own mobile extraction and production equipment. The production is sold to domestic biomass boilers.



SBIOCI is a biomass producer in Cote d'Ivoire, with operations in Abidjan. The company is owned by Ivoirian and Danish investors, with a total budget for assets and operating expenses of Euro 3 million. More than 20 direct employees operate the feedstock extraction and production machinery with an annual capacity of 125.000 metric tons of wood chips.

SBIOCI only produces biomass from waste which would otherwise be burnt locally poluting the environment if not utilized for large scale generation. SBIOCI does not source from plantations who are enganged in deforestation or do not pay decent wages.


Rue du Canal, Zone 4, Abidjan

4th floor, opposite SACO

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