SBIOCI is a biomass producer in Cote d'Ivoire, with operations in Abidjan. The company is owned by Ivoirian and Danish investors, with a total budget for assets and operating expenses of Euro 3 million. More than 20 direct employees operate the feedstock extraction and production machinery with an annual capacity of 125.000 metric tons of wood chips.


Bo Christensen
Chief Executive Officer


Bo has  extensive management and business development experience from West Africa, and has previously worked with telecoms, trade, commercial inspection and renewable energy in Africa, Europe and Middle East


Klaus Kroll
Chief Operating Officer


Klaus has a background in logistics as an officer in the Danish Army, with deployments to Iraq and the Balkans, as well as civilian logistics and security work in West Africa, in particular Nigeria. Klaus has previously been founder of forestry and transportation companies in Europe.


Anders Bjørnkjær-Nielsen


Anders is a forester and economist, with a MSc in Forestry, Management and Planning from University of Copenhagen, and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Aarhus Business School. Anders is responsible for SBP Risk Assessment,Supply Base reporting and CO2 calculations.